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Flare Rentals

Zeeco has a fleet of different types of flare systems that are available for rental or lease. Temporary flare systems are used for multiple purposes and for multiple applications.If a section of a pipeline needs to be repaired or inspected, a rental flare system can be used to dispose of the contents of the pipeline.

If a large tank or vessel needs to be evacuated for maintenance or inspection, again, a rental flare system can be applied. If the primary flare for a facility needs to be shut down or bypassed, a temporary flare can be applied. Zeeco has flare systems that are both portable (trailer mounted), or able to be moved to the jobsite on a truck for site assembly and use.

Our temporary flare systems range from 200 foot tall (61 m) guy wire supported units with all associated controls, to as simple as a small 2-inch flare tip assembly for well testing or use at a well site. Please contact us with information about your application and we can then make a recommendation from the equipment we have available.