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Zeeco Incinerators & Thermal Oxidizers

Thermal treatment of wastes has become the premier method of disposing of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes worldwide. Zeeco offers a complete line of liquid and fume incinerators or thermal oxidizers as they are also called, to safely and effectively dispose of waste streams.

Because of the high temperatures associated with incineration, many Zeeco systems incorporate Waste Heat Recovery equipment to reduce operating  costs or provide steam for other plant operations.

Proven air pollution control devices such as scrubbers are also used to remove particulate matter and inorganic acids from the flue gas.  Depending on the components of the flue gas, one or more devices can be incorporated into a waste treatment system. Bag houses, venturi  scrubbers and ionizing wet scrubbers are designed to control particulate. Absorbers and scrubbers clean the acid gases present in the  flue gas. Quench systems, conditioning towers and heat exchangers lower the temperature of the flue gas.

Zeeco also designs and builds a complete array of equipment for Sulfur Plants, Claus combustion chambers, reduction furnaces and vent stacks are just a few of the equipment items available.

Direct Fired Air Heaters are used in a variety of industries such as paper, mineral, and petroleum refining as a way to  efficiently heat a wide variety of products. Some typical applications include atmospheric control; catalytic cracking  startup; driers; fluidized beds; refractory drying and curing; kilns and stress relieving.

Complete combustion and process control systems and packaged fuel skids are provided to optimize operation of these complete systems.